Amy Congdon. Skin grown fashion accessories

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With her project Biological Atelier, Amy Congdon makes the first attempt to create in reality the jewelry pieces we have heard of only in science fiction books.


With the help of the scientists at King’s College London, the designer and researcher Amy Congdon is trying to explore the world of tissue engineering to come up with unique and pioneering fashion accessories that grow in the skin or in the laboratory by using animal tissue.

In this manner, Congdon creates new type of hybrid “living” materials that combine traditional textiles and organic matter. Her future collection includes a broach embedded in the human skin and a collar attachment grown from an “an exotic mix of scales and leather.”


“With one of the most controversial sets of materials becoming available for manipulation, i.e. our body, and those of other species, it could be argued that future fashion is grown from the ultimate commodity,” said Congdon on her website.

Photo credits: Amy Congdon


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