Nick Cave. Until installation at MASS MoCA

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Best known in the art world for his wearable sculptures Soundsuits, the singer, artist and writer Nick Cave unveiled at Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (Mass MOCA) an immersive installation entitled Until, a strong visual manifesto on racism, violence and humanity.

	Nick Cave "Until" Exhibition 

	Nick Cave "Until" Exhibition 

“I had been thinking about gun violence and racism colliding. And then I wondered: Is there racism in heaven? That’s how this piece came about,” said Cave.

Until is, as the artist emphasized, a visual expression of the popular phrase “innocent until proven guilty” or in this case “guilty until proven innocent”, an extensive installation on discrimination based on gender or race.

Nick Cave’s installation is a kaleidoscopic universe that begins with an oasis of scattered lawn ornaments that leads to a dream-like crystal cloud topped by a garden populated by flowers, birds and chandeliers that give way to a complex net made out of hand-woven shoelaces and pony beads. After passing through this fairy-tale like areas, the viewer is immersed in a space made out of violent images of targets, guns and bullets in which one feels in danger of an imminent attack.

Cave’s Until installation will be on display at Mass MoCA until August 2017.

Photo credits: MASS MoCA

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