Annelie Vandendael. Sois Belle, on resetting the beauty standards

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The Belgian photographer Annelie Vandendael challenges the general perception on beauty and fashion photography by creating surrealist and mesmerizing scenarios in which the human body appears unaltered and in perfect symbiosis with the surrounding nature.

The photographic series suggestively entitled Sois Belle has a melancholic vibe, a sepia character and a soft warm light that enhances the human features and adds drama taking inspiration from the chiaroscuro technique employed by the Great Flemish Masters.

“These photos are my reaction against the examples of fashion photography in which the personality of the individual is irrelevant. Instead, I aim to let the authenticity of the body speak for itself. A manipulated body is harmful for our perception of reality,” said Annelie Vandendael.

 Photo credits: Annelie Vandendael

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