John Galliano for Maison Margiela. Artisanal S/S 17 haute couture collection

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With the new haute couture collection created for Maison Margiela, John Galliano showcased his creative genius as never before. The collection entitled Artisanal is Galliano’s razor-sharp statement against the social media era we are living in.

Artisanal is a visual exploration of the selfie phenonomena, of  “a reality veiled in filters and conveyed through symbols”, so he went to extremes, over-layering garments, hiding the silhouettes and personalities underneath hyperbolical constructed dresses. A feast of colors and bias-cuts, pop-art, hand painted lace and daring mixes of textures and lengths created the canvas of his visual essay, but the pinnacle of his creative display was the unprecedented use of his famous deconstruction technique (the same that defines the Maison Margiela brand) to dismantle some of the garments to the core, to create, as he said, a mere memory of the item.

Galliano worked with the artist Benjamin Shine on the hand-crafted embroidery pieces and the astonishing painted tulle piece applied on the beige trench coat.


Photo credits: Maison Margiela



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