KWK Promes. Konieczny’s Ark, private house in Poland

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Konieczny’s Ark is one of the most talked about architectural projects of 2016, a private dwelling created by the design firm KWK Promes.

Nested on the picturesque Polish hills, the concrete house has the shape of a traditional barn but with a cut-out base that permits the flow of rain water and prevents the negative impact on the natural environment.



The Ark seems like a bridge between the two parts of the meadow with its walls created from glass so the residents can fully connect with the surrounding nature no matter in which room they are in.


“I was thinking how to design a garden around the house. After some time I realized that our building site is a part of the whole mountain, therefore the best garden design would be the lack of it, so on the best fence would be a temporary herding fence, the best path – few rocks. Therefore, with that approach I finally got the best garden – pure, the surrounding nature,” said Robert Konieczny, architect at KWK promes and owner of the Ark.


 Photo credits: Jakub Certowicz 

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