Eyal Gever, NASA & Made In Space. The first 3D sculpture to be launched in space


In early 2017, the contemporary artist Eyal Gever will launch in space the first 3D printed sculpture entitled #Laugh, a project developed in collaboration with Made In Space, an enterprise that aims to colonize the cosmos, and NASA.

Gever’s concept is to send into space the sound of human happiness, therefore he created a special application and invited the public to record laughter on the app. Just a few will be selected and have their sound frequencies turned into sculptures that will be printed directly in space aboard the International Space Station.

“I’ve simply used the latest technology to develop a new language for my art,” said Gever.


The idea to launch art into pure space isn’t new. Back in 1969, several artists, including the pop-art guru Andy Warhol, sent some of their works on the Apollo 12 mission with the Moon Museum and in 2003 Damien Hirst sent one of his dot paintings with the failed space shuttle Beagle 2 that had to reach Mars.

Photo credits: Eyal Gever


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