Bikini Berlin. Stills & Strokes artsy wrapping station


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Berlin’s chic Bikini Berlin, a shopping mall hosted in a building that dates back to the 50s, opened up to a daring artsy project that comes with a fresh approach on the design of the traditional Christmas wrapping paper and decoration.




The Stills & Strokes design studio duo, Melanie Homann, art director and illustrator, and photographer Stefan Vorbeck created a large scale interactive installation that runs throughout the atrium of the mall and is made out of over 40 meters of custom-designed wrapping paper with abstract patterns.


Stills & Strokes installed also a packaging station with the same wrapping paper they used for the installation where the customers can wrap the Christmas gifts in a more stylish way. All through the shopping mall, the Stills & Strokes duo have scattered several large-scale 3D objects, decorative props, and greeting cards.


Photo credits: Stills & Strokes


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