Philippa Price for Stella McCartney. The Uncanny Valley fashion short film

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The visual artist Philippa Price known for her futuristic surrealism works that vary from music performances to installations has just released a fashion film made for and with the creations of the British designer Stella McCartney.

The movie entitled The Uncanny Valley is the first to debut #StellaBy, a series of collaborations of the brand with artists and diverse creative heads that will reinterpret its recent collections.



“Well, to be honest, I was originally supposed to shoot the FW16 collection which to me had a slightly clown like theme to the silhouettes which is why I originally chose the Clown Motel. However, when I saw the new SS17 collection, which to me had a slightly Western Depression-Era vibe, it still worked perfectly. I love allowing a location to inspire and shape the story of my shoot. I have a whole log stored of weird, wild, and wacky locations I refer to for every shoot I do,” said Philippa Price.

The eerie postwar sci-fi noir movie was entirely shot in the Nevada desert in the area of the notorious Clown Hotel, a nuclear testing ground in the mid 40s, starring the models Megan Nison and Bradley Soileau and McCartney’s fresh New Age style that define the  FW16 and SS17 collections.




“On the surface I hope my work is visually intriguing and eye catching to everyone. However, if you look deeper you will find that I infuse my work with a lot of hidden symbolism and layers of meaning that tell an entirely different story than what appears at the surface. So I guess the message is about being aware, looking beyond, and that nothing is ever as it seems,” added the artist Philippa Price.

Photo credits: Stella McCartney


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