Octave Vandeweghe for Valerie Traan Gallery. Cultured Manners cutlery collection

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Valerie Traan, an art gallery recently opened in Antwerp, invited a number of famous designers and artists as Jinhyun Jeon, Muller Van Severen, Koichi Futatsumata, Studio Wieki Somers and Octave Vandeweghe to reinterpret the design of a cutlery set.

 “There is nothing more common as the cutlery we use everyday: forks, spoons and knifes. A number of designers and artists give new life, new beauty and even new meaning to these simple extensions of our limbs,” said Valerie Traan gallerists.

The most artistic interpretation was made by the Belgian designer Octave Vandeweghe with his Cultured Manners cutlery collection cut out from gemstones, each item resembling a magical or ancient tool. “The combination of a gemstone with facets, a knife and cutlery combines notions like beauty and function: beauty becomes function, and function becomes beauty,” said the designer.

Photo credits: Valerie Traan Gallery


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