STAC Architecture. Fast/Casual Nando’s restaurant


The new Nando’s restaurant from a chain of nine venues opened in Harrogate, London, and won the Restaurant & Bar Design Award 2016 along other 16 food and drink spots located in London and one in Barcelona.


Nando’s restaurant is occupying a historical building from the 60’s with a raw concrete façade that set the framework for the industrial interior design of the eatery made by STAC Architecture. The old cement structure of the ceiling was revealed and balanced with timber floors, colorful painted wooden panels and an earthcote finish of the walls using a South African technique that employs natural products and pigments, a homage to the African origins of the client and brand Nando’s.

The colorful thread and beads chandeliers are made by the Kenyan Massai tribe after the plans made by STAC Architecture studio.

Photo credits: Hufton+Crow/ STAC Architecture




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