Snohetta. SFMoMA expansion

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The expansion of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art designed by the famous Norwegian studio Snohetta is one of the most celebrated public building projects made this year.

The irregular, wavy shape of the building takes its inspiration from the organic forms of the fog and sea that oversee the Bay Area of the city. The construction has an impressive silvery façade made from more than 700 fibreglass-reinforced polymer panels and the biggest living wall in the States made by Habitat Horticulture.



The expansion doubles the exhibition space of the museum by adding 21,832 sq and contrasts with the existing SFMoMA red brick building designed by Mario Botta.

“Snohetta’s expansion to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art reimagines SFMOMA as a new art experience and gateway into the city of San Francisco. No longer an inward looking shrine to the art object, a museum today must engage with its local conditions and communities in a proactive way. The new SFMOMA realizes in built form the museum’s goals of being a welcoming center for arts education and an important public space for the Bay area,” said the architects from Snohetta.

SFMOMA rendering


Photo credits: Snohetta



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