Noemi Revnic Meilman. The artsy fashion project Book Cover Tee Chapter 8

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In an effort to promote reading as a cool, entertaining pass-time activity, Noemi Revnic Meilman, a Romanian blogger and public personality, created the artsy project Book Cover Tee back in 2012.


Maverick Cult’s book pick, Dune by Frank Herbert

A handful of journalists, lifestyle gurus, art people and various other Romanian celebrities were invited to name their favorite book and design a cover with the help of a designer, covers that were printed on a set of stylish t-shirts to be sold especially on MoleculeF, a contemporary fashion online shop dedicated to endorsing Romanian designers.

“Book Cover Tee is the first edition of covers printed on t-shirts, a project Placerile lui Noe (Noe’s Pleasures), 109 and close friends who are invited to design the cover of their favorite book,” said Noemi.

From 2012 on, each and every year, Noemi invites a new group of Romanian personalities to come up with designs for the books they love and create a new limited edition of t-shirts under the Book Cover Tee label.

This year, Maverick Cult’s author, Anca Rusu, was invited to name her favorite book (which is undoubtedly Dune by Frank Herbert) and take part in the new chapter of the Book Cover Tee project alongside other Romanians that are active in the art world: famous artists (Mircea Cantor, Gabriela Vanga, Şerban Savu, Elena Basso Stănescu, Alex Mirutziu and Marius Bercea), a gallerist and art historian in the person of Suzana Vasilescu and notorious fashion designers (Lucian Broscăţean and Smaranda Almăşan) to name just a few.

The design of the t-shirts is signed by Oana Barboş, fashion student at the University of Art from Cluj-Napoca, in the class of the fashion designer Lucian Broscăţean.

The collection was showcased earlier this summer on the catwalk of Cluj Fashion Week.

Photo credits: Book Cover Tee 



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