TeamLab. DMM Planets: World of Wonders installation

DMM Planets: World of Wonders, the new installation created by the digital art studio TeamLab was exhibited (16 July – 31 August) in a warehouse located in Odaiba, Japan, offering a total interactive experience between the viewer and artwork.

The warehouse was divided in four areas each featuring a different immersive installation that can be manipulated using an application downloaded on the viewer’s smartphone.



The first installation and the largest, Crystal Universe, features countless slim wire droplets with LED lights that are interconnected and glow when the viewer interacts with them, creating the impression of a single multihued and mesmerizing life form.




The second installation is entitled Falling Universe of Flowers. By using a smartphone button, the viewer can release dozens of  beautiful 3D digital colorful flowers that fall like shooting stars all around the body .



The third and most spectacular installation, Drawing on the Water Surface, features digital koi carp that swim on the surface of a real pool of water. Once the viewer touches a fish, it transforms into beautiful spirals of flowers.



The last room doesn’t have any digital surprise for the guests, as Soft Black is a huge pitch-black space filled with air-blown cushions inviting everyone to bounce and play around together.

Photo credits: TeamLab


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