Frieder Bohaumilitzky. War for Talents furniture project for German military


Frieder Bohaumilitzky, graduate of the University of Fine Arts Hamburg, created a furniture collection to be used by Germany’s Bundeswehr soldiers.

The War for Talents prototype collection is comprised of a day bed, a sleeping mat, a valet stand and a circular tray for boots featuring the chromatic pattern traditionally used for the German military furniture (green, blue, orange and the soft nuance of beechwood).

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The project is a result of the participation of Bohaumilitzky in a military design workshop meant to assess ideas of how the military furniture can be remade in order to become more comfortable and appealing to the soldiers.

“I tried to focus on the emotions that I wanted to be communicated by the objects. It is more about the feelings people get when they look at the objects,” said the designer Bohaumilitzky.

The War for Talents project was showcased during Milan Design Week 2016, 12-17 April.

Photo credits: Frieder Bohaumilitzky


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