Vlad Rusu. Revival of a Romanian public building

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Romanian architect Vlad Rusu redesigned an abandoned building dating back from the 1930’s that served as a “cultural palace” of the city until it was devastated by fire 20 years ago.


The architect refurbished the façade according to the original planes, but as the plans for the interior were nowhere to be found, he left the remaining original brick walls untouched interlacing them with white elements to emphasize the history of the “cultural palace” located in the Transylvanian city of Blaj.


“The new design follows two directions. Firstly, to evoke the recent tragic history of the building, and secondly, to create a flexible interior and exterior space that can easily be adapted to the needs of the community that it serves,” said the architect Vlad Rusu.


The newly restored building will have the same function as before, serving as a space for performances, conferences, exhibitions and other types of public events.

Photo credits: Cosmin Dragomir


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