Wan Tseng. Wisp, a new type of erotic toy

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During the ShowRCA 2016 graduate exhibition of the Royal College of Art, the designer Wan Tseng showcased a collection of minimal design erotic devices that when attached to the skin give subtle pleasurable sensations that simulate soft touches, warmth or gently blowing breaths.



The Wisp collection is comprised of wearable silicon jewelry pieces that give sensual feelings  when attached to the skin or worn around the neck and wrist.


The collection includes:

  • The Whisper, a toy that gives a feeling of “a lover’s breath on the skin” by changing the temperature and blowing air
  • The Air, a necklace that releases perfume, blows air and comes with an integrated speaker
  • The Touch, five mini circular silicone pads that are attached to the skin to simulate light touches
  • The Pulse, a bracelet that functions as a controller of the other gadgets

Photo credits: Wan Tseng




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