Janne Kyttanen. 3D-printed Sofa So Good


Janne Kyttanen, one of the pioneers in3D-printing, came up with a shape-shifting sofa named Sofa So Good which has a design inspired by silkworms cocoons and spider webs.


TheSofa So Good is made from one single piece of material that can hold up to 100 kilos and features a design that can adapt to the users needs – it can transform into an armchair or it can divide into two items.


The sofa designed by Janne Kyttanen is easy to play with because it has only 1.5 meter long and 2.5 kilos due to the special resin used to create the astonishing mesh. The metallic finish has been added after creating the web that features no less than 6,0000 layers.


Photo credits: Janne Kyttanen 


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