GG-loop Vibrio, Diatom & Zephyrus. Modular furniture with a futuristic design  

The Amsterdam based design studio GG-loop showcased its new modular furniture series comprised of the sofa Vibrio, the table Diatom and the cabinet Zephyrus during the last edition of Salone del Mobile, Milan, 12- 17 April 2016.


“Zephyrus is a cabinet, a first piece of the modular furniture series designed by GG-loop.The polymorphic nature of the sculptural furniture piece reflects the quality of the butterfly as a symbol of life as transformation. As a butterfly, it is composed by a body and two wings: the main core of 3 drawers and two wings of 2 drop-front drawers each. Mirroring and rotation around the symmetric core create an ever transformable furniture piece,” explained the GG-loop team.


“Inspired by the unicellular microscopic organism, Diatom’s frame is composed of extremely light elements forming a rigid and almost invisible structure. (…) This imperfect symmetry, created when a diatom divides to produce two daughter cells, has inspired the ever changing look in the structure of the table,” added GG-loop.


“Like nature displays itself in infinity of forms, Vibrio, like a living entity can manifest in continuously alternating constellations and be reinvented through subtraction, addition and re-composition of the individual modules,” said GG-loop.

Photo credits: GG-loop 




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