Ikea Giltig by Katie Eary. The first collaboration with a fashion designer


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Ikea launched recently Giltig by Katie Eary, the first collection of furniture, kitchenware and bed sheets created by a fashion designer.

The menswear designer Katie Eary transcribed her bold kaleidoscopic style to the Giltig home goods collection creating digital prints inspired by her younger brothers and the psychedelic and mysterious character of Johnny Depp in the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

“It turns all the senses up! I’m a print-based designer, so obviously Giltig was going to be a print-based collection. The idea of creating something  amazing on screen and knowing it’s going to look the same when you put it on a product is very appealing to someone like me. Digital print is photo real – 2D-print is just so basic and boring. I want the colour to make the eyes hurt, that’s what I always say,” said Katie Eary.



Photo credits: Ikea


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