Vincent Coste. Koï restaurant with yakuza tattoo motifs

vincent-coste-japanese- restaurant-aix-de-provance-1

The architect Vincent Coste redesigned the interior of the Japanese restaurant Koï located in Aix-en-Provance, France, decorating the entire eatery with monochromatic illustrations of the koï fish done in the style of the yakuza tattoos.

vincent-coste-japanese- restaurant-aix-de-provance-2

In order to add color, the architect used timber for the benches and floor and bright red steel chairs for the bar. The fish motifs continue in a burgundy hue in the restrooms and on the terrace.

vincent-coste-japanese- restaurant-aix-de-provance-5

vincent-coste-japanese- restaurant-aix-de-provance-6

vincent-coste-japanese- restaurant-aix-de-provance-7

Photo credits: Vincent Coste 


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