3GATTI designs SND fashion store

3GATTI -SND-fashio- store-china-2

The Italian-Chinese design studio 3GATTI redesigned SND’s fashion store located in Chongqing, China, creating a large-scale installation that covers the ceiling of the entire store with thousands translucent fiberglass sheets.

3GATTI -SND-fashio- store-china-3

“We imagined an elastic ceiling that was pulled down by the weight of these various objects. We used a very thin white translucent fiberglass material because of its fire resistance and the way it reacted to light, thus creating a ceiling landscape that would be a spectacular source beauty and emptiness; perfect for every fashion victim”, stated the architect Francesco Gatti.

3GATTI -SND-fashio- store-china-1

More than 10,000 pieces of fiberglass sheets form a dynamic installation that creates a futuristic environment amplified by the mirrors on the walls. The clothing garments hang from the ceiling emerging as elements of the installation.

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Photo credits: 3GATTI





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