Nervous System. Kinematic Petals 3D-printed dress

nervous-system -kinematic-petals-3D-printed-dress-1

Kinematic Petals is the new project of Nervous System that comprises a highly advanced 3D body scanning software and a new dress design inspired by the shape of petals and fish scales.

nervous-system -kinematic-petals-3D-printed-dress-4

After scanning the body, the software created by Nervous System customizes the garment, modifying length and shape. The Kinematic Petals dress is produced in one folded single piece in the 3D printer.

nervous-system -kinematic-petals-3D-printed-dress-3

The Kinematic Petals features more than 1600 scales of nylon interlocked by 2600 hinges. The project was a commission by the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston for the ongoing exhibition #techstyle, 6 March – 10 July, 2016.


Photo credits: Nervous System


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