Arboit Limited redesigns DCS’ Hong Kong headquarters

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The Hong Kong based design company Arboit Limited redesigned the headquarters of DCS, a Chinese internet service provider, creating a futuristic and kaleidoscopic interior based on the concept of a stream of clouds containing knowledge carried by winds.



The concept of the project is emphasized in the lobby, as it is the first area with which the customers interact and therefore must reflect the company’s brand identity.



“The concept of Infinite Loop is depicted in this room by having lines in the brand’s seven tones of blues alternated to white boards of resin turning seamlessly around all surfaces of the room. Side walls are covered in DuPont’s SGX reflective glass laminated panels to multiply the depth of the room highlighting the concept of the Infinite Loop in order to celebrate the digital communication culture as a breaking walls and crossing boundaries force”, stated Arboit Ltd. on the company’s website.



The utilitarian areas as kitchenettes, storage space and wardrobes are hidden in a multilayered installation of “magic walls” that creates the illusion of a maze.



Photo credits: Arboit Ltd. 



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