David Mesguich. Santa Europa sculpture

David_Mesguich_Santa_Europa_Toulouse_3 (1)

The French artist David Mesguich has recently unveiled his new sculpture named Santa Europa that expresses both the struggle of thousands of refugees and the dualistic manner in which the countries across Europe reacted to the war-generated exodus.

The sculpture is five meters tall and has been fastened to the wall of a factory in Toulouse with a fence, symbolizing the antagonistic views on the refugee crisis.


“Under iconic and feminine lines, this installation represents Europe and its contradictions facing the drama of refugee families who try to reach her everyday risking their lives,” stated Mesguich. “Europe expresses — to great media reinforcement — solidarity towards migrants, and at the same time hastens to build fences on its borders that prevent them from reaching it.”

David_Mesguich_Santa_Europa_Toulouse_5 (2)

Photo credits: David Mesguich 


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