mphvs by Martijn van Strien. One Off and the Post-Couture Collective


The Dutch designer Martijn van Strien launched during Dutch Design Week 2015 the first entirely downloadable fashion collection called One Off.


The six fashion items featured in the One Off collection can be customized and downloaded to be entirely self-produced from the Post-Couture Collective website, a project that’s presented under the designer’s experimental label mphvs.


“Post-couture garments are designed on the spot by our software whenever someone wants to buy one, and thus also produced only when they’re sold,” stated van Strien.


The items are designed using a special software and further produced using a 3D-knitted fabric made from PET bottles very similar to neoprene. Martijn van Strien stated that the fabric can be recycled again after using.


Each of the garments can be customized to the client’s measurements and then downloaded to be produced at a local Makerspace or delivered as a kit. The items are cut using laser and don’t need stitching as they come with a system of slots.


Photo credits: Post-Couture Collective


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