Young & Ayata and Gonzalez Hinz Zabala + Sastre Vielba. The New Bauhaus Museum in Dessau

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Two architectural studios, Young & Ayata from New York and the Spanish Hinz Zabala + Sastre Vielba, won the competition for the design of the new Bauhaus Museum to be build in Dessau, Germany.



Young & Ayata came up with a project featuring multiple organic shaped structures called “vessels” that are connected through a grid.



“It would be a reduction of the complexity of the Bauhaus to divide it cleanly into a technical side and an expressive side, yet technical and expressive factors were often in conflict and in conversation throughout its history. The tension between these two motivations – and specifically the shape that tension took at the Bauhaus – continues to influence art, architecture, and design today. Our design of a museum for the Bauhaus Dessau is strongly informed by such productive tension – in this case, the tension between a desire for a modular repeatable system of organization, provided by a grid, and the exploration of sensation found in color and material experimentation,” stated the architects.


Hinz Zabala + Sastre Vielba designed a minimal structure entirely made out of glass and metal pillars that connects the inside of the museum with the surrounding park.



“On the one hand, the volume includes an urban space, on the other hand, its transparency allows an interaction between street and museum, between city and park. Our project offers playful contrasts as heaviness and lightness, opacity and transparency, system and flexibility, order and spontaneity. The museum is an instrument and a catalyst for expressing activity and productivity, creativity and social interaction that altogether corresponds with the idea of the Bauhaus,” stated the architects.


Photo credits: Young & Ayata  Hinz Zabala + Sastre Vielba



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