Stoft & Zol Art. Biophilia, the organic vase collection


The design studio Stoft and the ceramics manufacturer Zol Art, both from Sweden, created a collection of vases named Biophilia that represent the different stages in the growth process of plants symbolizing the innate connection between man and nature.


The Biophilia vases have different shapes and dimensions and can be put in stacks to create miniature installations.


“At a first glance the objects seem very ill-matched, perhaps like the seed before it blossoms or like a chestnut inside its shell, but at a closer view one can notice how the all have evolved from a common origin and form a unity,” stated the designers at Stoft.


The collection was designed for the Swedish exhibition The New Wave that took place in Form/Design Center in Malmö in the last months of 2015.


Photo credits: Stoft/ Ulrika Kestere


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