Steven Holl Architects. The ChinPaoSan Necropolis


Steven Holl Architects’ project for the extension of the Taiwanese ChinPaoSan Necropolis has been approved and it features an oceanic view pavilion that will host 150,000 ashbox sites to the existing 10,000 burial sites.


The pavilion has a design inspired by the symbolic geometry of the Borromean Rings.“The geometry of intersected spheres refers back to a rich ancient history of symbolism. Borromean Rings appeared in Buddhist Art, Viking rune-stones and Roman mosaics thousands of years ago. Christians have also used this symbol to portray or represent the unity of the Holy Trinity. Borromean Rings also represent the karmic laws of the universe and the interconnectedness of life. In the I Ching, the earth is represented as a square and the heavens as a circle,” stated the architecture studio.



Including the ocean in the design of the building, the architects created a composition in which the spheres will set on a platform with water and at each intersection there will be openings that will bring natural light into the structure.


The building will feature 21 hotel rooms, a restaurant, a ceremonial chapel, a pavilion able to host 1,000 persons, an auditorium for 5,000 persons, two museums and 50 presiding Buddhist monks for conducting ceremonies.


Photo credits: Steven Holl Architects


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