Iris van Herpen. Quaquaversal, spring-summer 2016 collection


The Spring Summer 2016 show of the Dutch designer Iris van Herpen that took place earlier this week as part of the Paris Fashion Week started with a live 3D printing performance during which three robots weaved and dressed the Game of Thrones star, Gwendoline Christie.


“The live process blends different techniques – laser cutting, hand weaving and 3D printing into one dress, which spreads from the centre, quaquaversal in its geometries,” stated Iris van Herpen about the live 3D printing demonstration which gave the name of the Spring Summer 2016 show – Quaquaversal.


The robots were covered in a thorny metal-like material created by the designer Jólan van der Wiel and attached to the machines with the help of magnets.


The shoes named Airborne are designed in collaboration with Finsk and are carefully crafted to give a sensation of hovering to the person wearing them.


The source of inspiration for the intriguing Spring Summer 2016 collection of the Dutch designer Iris van Herpen is found in the heart of the Indian woods where the inhabitants interlace the trunks and roots of the banyan trees to create natural bridges over rivers and canyons.


“Inspiration came from the way plants and their roots grow, and how roots have been used to grow living bridges in the forests of India. This tradition of growing bridges inspired me to re-envision my process of making a garment,” stated Iris Van Herpen.

Photo credits: Iris van Herpen


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