Tokujin Yoshioka. KOU-AN Glass Tea House

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The astonishing project KOU-AN-Glass Teahouse designed by the Japanese architect Tokujin Yoshioka has been unveiled this year in Kyoto, in the area of the Tendai Sect Shoren-in Temple, one of the most important areas in the history of Japan.



The Kou-An project is a revolutionary one in the extent that it lacks the embellishments typical for a Japanese traditional teahouse as flowers or scrolls, but in the same time puts the emphasis on purity and simplicity, the main concepts in the Japanese culture.



The tea house Tokujin Yoshioka designed is entirely made out of glass, a building material that permits the architect to create special effects: the rippled glass tiles on the floor give the sensation of a mountain river flowing and the prism roof creates rainbows in the afternoon, the moment in which the tea ceremonies are held.




The project was presented for the first time four years ago, during the 54th Biennale di Venezia.


Photo credits: Tokujin Yoshioka



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