Furf Design Studio. The Invisible Design Project

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The Brazilian design studio Furf teamed up with Paraná Blind Institute and initiated an educational program named The Invisible Design Project meant to help the visually impaired students to design and produce for the first time in history beautiful pieces of furniture.

Furf-Design-Studio-The-Invisible Design-Project-8

Furf-Design-Studio-The-Invisible Design-Project-6

Furf-Design-Studio-The-Invisible Design-Project-7

Four blind students were selected for the first part of the program, were trained by the Furf Design Studio designers and then asked to “create furniture to sit on”. The result is amazing and demonstrates that there is no limit to human imagination and creativity.

Furf-Design-Studio-The-Invisible Design-Project-4

Furf-Design-Studio-The-Invisible Design-Project-3

Furf-Design-Studio-The-Invisible Design-Project-2

The students came up with studies and preliminary sketches that were discussed and improved together with the specialists from the Furf Design Studio before the products entered into mass production.

Photo credits: Daniel Katz/Furf Design Studio


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