Search Studio&Clouds Architecture Office. The first Mars habitat


The 3D-printed Ice House designed by Clouds AO and SEArch won the contest of NASA Mars 3D Printed Habitat Challenge.



New York based studios SEArch (Space Exploration Architecture) and Clouds AO (Clouds Architecture Office) developed one of the few housing projects submitted to the contest that didn’t imply the use of regolith, the soil and rocks found on Mars.


Instead, the architects chose ice, a natural building material capable of protecting the residents from the gamma and UV radiations and to offer a habitat with natural light suitable for growing plants.


“Recognising that water is the building block to life, the team used a ‘follow the water’ approach to conceptualise, site and construct their design,” stated Clouds AO and SEArch. “Ice House was born from the imperative to bring light and a connection to the outdoors into the vocabulary of Martian architecture.”

Earlier this week NASA scientists stated that they found flowing water on Mars.

Photo credits: SEArch studio Clouds AO


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