Silencio by David Lynch. A Parisian Lynch club experience


With a surface of no less than 2,100 square foot and an address with a fame that goes back in history, the Silencio Club designed by David Lynch is one of the most à la mode intellectual nightclubs in Paris.


Managed by the Arnaud Frisch and Savoir Faire, Silencio Club is a unique “brainy” club consisting of numerous different areas that range from an intimate lounge to a an astonishing art library, a tiny art cinema or the theater with dance floor that gives the feeling that you are on the set of Twin Peaks.


Lynch designed everything, from the pieces of furniture to the bar and glossy golden walls that remind of a typical 50’s bar. The artist took inspiration from his appraised movie Mullholland Drive where appears a lugubrious and luring bar named Silencio.


“Silencio is something dear to me. I wanted to create an intimate space where all the arts could come together. There won’t be a Warhol-like guru, but it will be open to celebrated artists of all disciplines to come here to programme or create what they want,” stated David Lynch.


Where Silencio is now standing, at number 142, in Montmartre, were the editorial offices of the leftist newspapers, L’Humanité and L’Aurore, famous for printing Émile Zola’s J’Accuse.

Silencio-David-Lynch-10 (2)

Photo credits: Silencio


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