Raw Restaurant& Andre Chiang. Haute cuisine with minimal design


With an astonishing minimal organic inspired design and a menu created by the world-renowned chef and owner Andre Chiang, the new Raw Restaurant situated in the heart of the bustling capital of Taiwan is one of the most appreciated food establishments in the world.


The interior design of the Raw Restaurant was created by the Singapore based architecture studio Weijenberg and the owner Andre Chiang and revolves around the concept of a space without physical borders, where the guests can freely interact with the chef.


This is why one impressive timber structure serves as bar, sitting space and decorative element, flowing in the free space as a river. The impressive timber sculpture 65 m long was created with the help of computer technology and sculpted piece by piece by artisans.


“For us it was important not to have distinct partitions as we felt this ‘boxy’ approach would be restrictive for a highly creative chef. We made Raw intentionally interior borderless, yet we still needed to intertwine restaurant operations and functionality with design. This created a complex challenge as we had articulated a geometry that needed to have a strong practical element to it,” said the Weijenberg architects.

Photo credits: Weijenberg


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