Albarrán Cabrera. Artistic black&white photographs


The name Albarrán Cabrera does not refer to one person, but to a couple of Spanish photographers experts in manipulating color and textures to create intriguing works of narrative photography.


Anna Cabrera and Angel Albarrán work together for more than seventeen years and they invented new photographic techniques to obtain works of art of an etheric and haunting beauty.


Some of their photographs are silver gelatin toned in tea, platinum/palladium print toned also in tea or pigment print over gold leaf on Japanese paper.


“Using photography we might not be able to answer the big questions about time, reality or space, but we are interested in exploring how a photographic image can make people think about their reality. Being aware is not just an important part of life, it is life as we know it. Using photography, we want the viewers to increase empathy and arouse interest towards their reality,” state the artists on their website.

Photo credits: Albarrán Cabrera 


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