Snøhetta. Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre Pavilion

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The Norway based architecture firm Snøhetta designed one of the most spectacular wildlife observation pavilions in the legendary Dovre Mountains of Norway, the home of the last herds of wild reindeer.

reindeer norwegian-wild-reindeer-centre-pavilion-snøhetta-2

The facade is an undulating timber structure creating waves on which the visitors can sit and enjoy nature while being warmed by a built-in heating system. The rippled wooden structure continues in the inside creating numerous sitting places to host large groups of explorers.

reindeer norwegian-wild-reindeer-centre-pavilion-snøhetta-5

The timber structure is nested in a steel frame that opens up in a glass wall that serves as the observation area.

reindeer norwegian-wild-reindeer-centre-pavilion-snøhetta-3

The Snøhetta architects created an undulating structure that mimics the form of the Dovre mountains, blending in the natural habitat.
The Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre Pavilion is an educational initiative of the Wild Reindeer Foundation.

reindeer norwegian-wild-reindeer-centre-pavilion-snøhetta-4

Photo credits: Snøhetta


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