Agnieszka Osipa. The Gothic Tsarinas

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Inspired by the attires worn in the medieval century in the Slavic countries by royalty and noble ladies, the Polish costume designer creates costumes that bring back the craftsmanship of the past adorning them with a Gothic luster.


Agnieszka Osipa-11

Agnieszka Osipa-10

Agnieszka Osipa is a costume and fashion designer from Poland, who graduated from the Lodz Academy of Fine Arts, with diploma in fashion design.

Agnieszka Osipa-12

Agnieszka Osipa-2

Agnieszka Osipa-8

Every costume she creates takes weeks, even months to complete and can be regarded as a work of art, a perfect blend between the old court fashion of the Slavs with a modern, mysterious setting thus creating a captivating immortal story with each of her carefully crafted garments.

Agnieszka Osipa-5

Agnieszka Osipa-3

Photo credits: Agnieszka Osipa


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