Rogan Brown. The beauty of the unseen danger

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To express his philosophical standpoint, Rogan Brown chose the most fragile materials of all – paper. The incredible paper sculptures of the British artist are entirely done in paper with the help of a scalpel knife after the microscopical images of the most dangerous microorganisms as microbes and pathogens.



“Paper, my chosen material, embodies the paradoxical qualities that we see in nature: its fragility and durability, its strength and delicacy,” states the artist on his website.


The paper sculptures can take several months to complete because Brown employs a scientific technique as his act of creation: he renders the digital image of a microbe into beautiful fine art without missing any detail, exactly like a laboratory researcher.



“Fascinated by this hidden world I spent months researching the strange shapes and forms of microbes and pathogens. I wanted to create a piece that examined our fears of the microbiological world, so out of one of the petri domes a group of bugs burst forth, full of ferocious uncontrollable energy,” said Brown about his Outbreak project.

 Photo credits: Rogan Brown



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