The ExMachina house. The Juvet Landscape Hotel

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The Ex Machina team created a breathtaking environment for the eccentric IT guru, but not everything is computer generated in this movie, the house is pretty real and is available for anyone who wants a secluded vacation far away from the modern chaotic world.


The house featured in the movie is located in a natural reserve in Norway and serves as a landscape hotel available anytime for booking.


The Juvet Landscape Hotel is situated at Valldal, near the town of Åndalsnes in north-western Norway and belongs to a local, Knut Slinning, a environmentalist who wanted to build a hotel that could be integrated in the scenery without damaging it.


The architects from Jensen & Skodvin Arkitektkontor are the ones who designed the hotel that is actually comprised of small houses resting on 40mm massive steel rods drilled into the rock so the plants and trees are not harmed.


“The interiors are treated with transparent oil with black pigments, so that reflections from the inner surface of the glass wall are minimized. Shelves, benches and a small table are all built by the same massive wooden elements to maintain a certain degree of monotony that goes well with the complex nature views and to keep the visual presence of the interior at a minimum”, stated the hotel officials.

juvet-landskape-hotel-6 (2)

Photo credits: The Juvet Landscape Hotel 


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