Gehard Demetz. The modern iconography

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With a long training in the tradition of religious sculpting and an innovative technique, the art of the Italian artist Gehard Demetz has a powerful and uncomfortable message to send to the members of the modern society.



All his sculptures feature children to reflect the issues of contemporary society – cruelty, war and violence, religion, the death of innocence, corrupt politics and oppression.



His revolutionary sculpting technique features small woodblocks that look like pixels and are juxtaposed and roughly polished.


“My sculptures transmit the awareness of becoming adults and thus losing, as Rudolf Steiner says, their ability to be able to “hear” their unconscious. They live with the burden of guilt transmitted from generation to generation, which does not belong to them. They are children who feel sad about not being able to really be children, but who have, on the other hand, the possibility of choosing to become adults, totally independently, thus freeing themselves little by little of all the influences transmitted by their ancestors. They are witness to all the effort involved in the process of growth and development, which is achieved through individual will and concentration,”, the artist said in an interview featured in the magazine Dazed Digital.


Photo credits: Gehard Demetz 


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