Moonassi. Reshaping the traditional East-Asian style of painting

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The Korean artist Daehyun Kimis is known as Monnassi, the creator of a unique style of painting that is both modern, if we are only to take into consideration the philosophical manner in which he explores the chosen topics, and traditional, as his style of painting is evidently influenced by the traditional East-Asian art techniques.



Monnassi’s black and white paintings are small but striking from the first look. As in the case of any traditional East-Asian painting, the simplicity of the creation process that requires only a pen and sometimes a brush fosters the perfect canvas for revealing human idiosyncrasies and for discussing sensitive subjects as the meaning of life, beauty, love, ugliness, loss or discovering divinity…




Daehyun Kim released a book published by Studio Fnt and signed the design of a limited edition Lomography La Sardina cameras named Moonassi Edition Dream.



Photo credits: Moonassi 


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