Baumraum. The contemporary tree house

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In the beautiful southern area of Berlin called Zehlendorf, a neighborhood packed with houses with large gardens overlooking the forest, has recently been erected the first modern tree house meant for long-term living.



With only 21 square meters packed in a wooden cube, the Tree House might seem too small, but it comes fully equipped for a deluxe lifestyle in a peaceful and green area.


After studying various shapes, the German design company Baumraun settled for the cube with an additional terrace of 2.6 meters. In order to leave as much empty space as possible, the storage space is located in the base.



The frame of the cubes is made from galvanized steel that is covered with aluminum composite panels and five layered wood panels to create a structure that is both light, solid and breathable.

The tree house can be rented here:

Photo credits: Baumraum 


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