Iris van Herpen.Hacking Infinity, fall 2015 collection

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The renowned Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen has a current exhibition in Palais de Tokyo and has showcased her autumn-winter ready-to-wear 2015 collection on the catwalk of the famous Parisian museum.


The AW 2015 collection investigates textures and materials as means to develop new geographies and to explore the space and its amazing formations as nebulas, stars or bizarre rocks of faraway planets.



“The collection explores the possibility of new geographies and our place within them. The desire to reconfigure space finds expression in light performative materials, which interact with the movement of the body, biomimetic structures and saturated spectral colors. The central geometry is the circle, in both silhouette and cut. The spherical shape of planetary bodies and the symbol of a boundless ‘hackable’ infinity unfolds before us in a constant flow of mandala-like forms”, stated the designer-artist on her website.



Iris van Herpen worked together with the innovative designer Aleksandra Gaca to develop a 3D effect nebula colored material and came up with a startling fabric created from shimmering metal gauze.
On the other hand, the fractal looking dresses of the collection have been developed together with the professor of architecture Philip Beesley.


The shoes are created from 3D printed translucent crystal clusters and laser-cut leather by the talented Japanese shoe designer Noritaka Tatehana.

Photo credits: Iris Van Herpen 


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