Jason deCaires Taylor. The Underwater Museum

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The project of the British artist Jason deCaires Taylor, The Underwater Museum, is featured on the prestigious list National Geographic Top 25 Wonders of the World and is helping the sea-world to recover from human devastation.



The artist spent his childhood in Malaysia mostly exploring the underwater world before moving back with his family in Great Britain and receiving a BA Honors in sculpture degree from the esteemed London Institute of Arts.



In 2006, Taylor began submerging the first sculptures in the warm waters of Granada. Today, 65 sculptures cover 200 square miles of seabed in the area of St Georges, but you can see his sculptures also in the waters of Greece and Mexico.



The amazing installations featured in the project The Underwater Museum aren’t meant for art aficionados alone, their purpose is also to be bases for new reefs so the marine life can heal and develop.



“It became of the utmost importance to me that what I was doing would benefit the natural world and not needlessly occupy space on an already cluttered planet,” stated Taylor.



Photo credits: Jason deCaires Taylor


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