Sturgess Architecture. The Glacier Skywalk


An outstanding structure 1475-foot long (450-metre) named The Glacier Skywalk was erected in Jasper National Park enabling the visitors to fully immerse themselves into the wild and diverse landscape of the Canadian reservation and learn more about the geology, glaciology and the ecosystem of the Columbia Icefield area.


The Glacier Skywalk overlooks the Sunwapta Valley and faces the Athabasca Glacier situated in an icefield straddling the Continental Divide where the North American watersheds diverge to the Pacific, the Atlantic, and the Arctic Oceans.


The structure is designed by Sturgess Architecture & Read Jones Christofferson Engineering, Golder Associates, SMP Engineering and PCL Construction and is made almost entirely out of corten steel and glass in order to give the impression that is part of the natural habitat.


“We wanted to give people the opportunity to get out of their car, to experience this incredible landscape in a way that would provide a cerebral connection to our changing natural environment,” explains Jeremy Sturgess, the head of Sturgess Architecture. “The design is founded in the idea of a mountainside outcropping, to exist as an organic extension of the landscape.”

Photo credits: Robert Lemermeyer/Sturgess Architecture 


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