Simon Morris. The Levitating Light Bulb


With a minimal and bold design, natural materials and an innovative, astonishing technique, the new product created by designer Simon Morris is pure magic. Flyte: Levitating Light is a screwless floating LED light bulb that uses magnetic levitation and is turned on wirelessly with the use of induction. You just have to touch the base and the Flyte is turned on with the help of its embedded touch sensor.


But the light bulb doesn’t only levitate, it also rotates because it doesn’t have a fixed point and there is no friction with a surface. Also the beautifully crafted base, made by Swedish craftsman using oak and walnut wood, can be used to charge a smartphone.


“The Light Bulb has been considered the most important invention since man-made fire but not so much has changed in design since Edison’s time 135 years ago. We’d like to change this, so we’ve designed a new way to experience your light. One which is free from the constraints of gravity,” stated the designer Simon Morris.

The Flyte project is now on Kickstarter and has a goal of 80.000$. Donate for a good design cause!

Photo credits: Simon Morris


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