Nervous System. The first 4D print dress

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Nervous System promises to revolutionize the world of fashion with their new software, Kinematics, that uses 4D printing to create garments that are foldable and totally customizable with the help of the company’s app Kinematics Cloth.


This is the first attempt to create clothing that perfectly fit the human body. The dress is digitally rendered on a virtual 3D body, doesn’t require stitching and comes directly in one piece. This is possible because the Kinematics software employs a feature that compresses and folds the garment before printing.



Nervous System’s first 4D printed dress features no less than 2279 triangular panels connected by 3316 pivots giving the garment unprecedented flexibility. The dress is created from only one piece of nylon that’s not uniform as a usual industrially created fabric – in order to response better to the body movements, the cloth varies in rigidity, flexibility, density and pattern creating a remarkable piece of art.



The Museum of Modern Art New York (MoMA) acquired the dress, software and application for the permanent exhibition.

Photo credits: Nervous System


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