Claudia Rogge. The beauty and the malice of the mass

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The body of work of the German artist and photographer Claudia Rogge reflects the role of the individual within the frame of masses, crowds, hordes, large groups of people where the person ceases to be an entity with unique features.



The personality melts and the individual becomes just a piece in the puzzle of the homogeneous mass. This transformation is depicted with the skillful use of special effects that strip the human body of its three-dimensionality presenting it as a flat form, a character without much significance in the apocalyptic canvas of the mass.



The works of Rogge give rise to vital questions regarding individual identity, conformity or mass psychology and behavior.


“The fascination the theme “mass” exerts on me lies both in the content as well as in the formal and aesthetic aspect. As regards content, it is indeed exciting to live in a time that on the one hand trains people for absolute individuality, but an individuality that is defined by mass media, mass consumption, mass tourism etc.”, said Claudia Rogge.



For each of her series, Rogge makes photo shootings for days in a row, taking even more than 10,000 snaps of each character. Then she creates a collage that perfectly recreates the atmosphere of a group art performance.

Photo credits: Claudia Rogge


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