Expo Milano 2015 astonishing pavilions. Technology for a sustainable future

Expo Milano 2015, Italy, is the Universal Exhibition that Milan will host this year, one of the most important events created to challenge countries and international organizations to come up with innovative approaches meant to ensure a sustainable future for humanity.
Pavilion of Italy “The Nursery of Italy”
Expo Milano 2015 will be held for six months, May 1 – October 31. Over this period of time, no less than 140 countries will showcase their groundbreaking technologies and methods that will provide a future with sufficient quality food for everyone while protecting the environment.
Pavilion of China “Land of Hope, Food for Life”
Expo Milano 2015 was created also as an opportunity for discussing on the topics of food and sustainable future, but also as an interactive gourmet museum, the visitors being able to discover the gastronomic traditions of each of the exhibitor countries.
Pavilion of United Kingdom “Grown in Britain: Shared Globally”
Pavilion of Azerbaijan “Protection of Organic Food and Biodiversity for Future Generations”
Pavilion of Thailand “Nourishing and Delighting the World”
Pavilion of Vietnam “Water and Lotus”
Photo credits: Expo Milano 2015 (www.expo2015.org)

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