Bart Hess. The manipulation of the human body

bart hess

The name of Bart Hess is on everybody’s lips these days because of his amazing work in directing the video of Marilyn Manson’s new single Deep Six, a short movie in which Hess creates an amoeba creature that, like a perpetuum mobile, creates, caresses and destroys the human body only to give shape to it again in a different form yet as violent, erotic and fascinating as the one before.

bart hess3

Hess is known as an multidisciplinary artist, putting together his passion for futuristic materials, Hess’s landmark, with other media like animation or photography to create fascinating visionary worlds that have a main characteristic – shape-shifting.

bart hess5

Bart Hess has collaborated with many celebrities raging from Nick Knight, Iris van Herpen, Lady Gaga, Lucy McRae to fashion brands as Mugler or with the prestigious museum of contemporary art Palais de Tokyo.


Photo credits: Bart Hess (


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